“How Love Island’s ‘private conversation’ struck a chord with women everywhere” | STYLIST

An interaction between Paige Thorne and Danica Taylor has become the most pivotal scene in ITV2’s Love Island, sparking heated online conversation around bullying.

There has been no shortage of explosive moments in this year’s Love Island. With hook-ups, break-ups, betrayals and many outrageous challenges in skimpy lycra, the cohort of single men, women (and bombshells) have brought all the requisite drama that avid fans of the long-running ITV show have come to expect every summer.

But for me, there is one moment of the current series that stands out above all others, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the contestant’s quest for love in Mallorca.

The moment I’m referring to has been the talk of Twitter since 29 June, when a dramatic recoupling gave the women of the Love Island villa the power to choose which men they wanted to be in a partnership with. During the ceremony, dancer Danica Taylor, who entered the villa as a bombshell, chose to couple up with Jay Younger, despite him telling her earlier in the day that he saw more “romantic potential” with another contestant, Antigoni Buxton. That being said, he did also tell her “you do you” – and, wanting to pursue a connection with someone that she felt sexual chemistry with, Danica elected to couple up with Jay.

Danica’s decision sent a ripple of hostility through the gathering that was palpable to those sitting beyond the TV screen, not least from Antigoni, who had also been planning to choose Jay. After Danica selected Jay, Antigoni mouthed: “I can’t believe this s**t,” while others shook their heads disapprovingly.

After the recoupling was over, the group quickly dispersed across the villa to debrief. Antigoni immediately gathered fellow islanders Paige Thorne, Tasha Gouri and Gemma Owen, where she expressed frustration that Danica had chosen to couple up with Jay, leaving her with no choice but to choose the last remaining islander, Charlie Radnedge. “I just don’t get it. Danica and Jay have no connection,” she told the group.

Read the full feature here.

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