How men can be better allies, according to a man | Stylist

One year ago, Ben Hurst, delivered a TEDx talk to try and change the conversation around gender equality: ‘Boys won’t be boys. Boys will be what we teach them to be’. As the feminist movement forges ahead, Ben shares his insights on gender alliance efforts, and how we can all become better collaborators in the push for social justice… 

Over the last decade, the feminist movement has gained significant momentum. With the help of online activism, celebrity endorsement and popular culture, the advocacy of women’s rights is now thoroughly a topic of mainstream conversation. 

But as discussions around gender equality so often centre upon the efforts of women, how can we ensure that male allies are equally involved in the push for social justice? It’s a question that Ben Hurst is exploring through his work as the Head of Facilitation and Training at the Good Lad Initiative, an organisation that promotes positive, equal gender relationships through interactive workshops with boys and men. 

Here, Ben explores the evolution of feminism, the meaning of positive allyship, and how everyone has an active role to play in dismantling inequalities in society.  

Read the full article here.

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