“Taylor Swift is reclaiming her voice, and it’s incredibly powerful to witness” | Stylist

Taylor Swift has painstakingly re-recorded her breakthrough 2008 album – and in doing so, showed us all what it means to be fearless.

Acouple of weeks ago, fatigued at the possibility of spending yet another lockdown evening scrolling Netflix, I decided to listen to the radio. I loaded radio 2 on my laptop, thinking I’d be in time for the start of Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation; but instead, the twang of country music started to drift from my speakers.

I glanced at the time: 9.30pm. I was too early. I loaded a new tab and started to search for another show; but just as I was doing so, I was taken by the sound of something strangely familiar. I paused, and listened to soaring fiddles, lilting guitar, and a country-tinged voice. It was beautiful. 

When I flicked back to my original tab to check the playlist, I was surprised. The mystery track, it transpired, was Taylor Swift’s new version of You All Over Me, a previously unreleased outtake from the vault of Fearless. Once the track finished, I closed all my tabs, loaded Youtube, and ended up playing it all night.

Read the full feature here.

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