what happened when stylist met mariah carey | STYLIST

Ahead of the premiere of her Apple TV+ holiday special, Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues, Christobel Hastings sat down for a virtual chat with pop superstar Mariah Carey to talk music, memories and making this Christmas one to remember. 

It’s 5.30am and in the darkness of my bedroom, my face is illuminated by my laptop screen. The weather is unseasonably cold for November, so I’m swaddled in a fleecey blanket. I’m also fighting off a terrible cold which, for two weeks, has laughed in the face of all medication. Reader, there is nothing remotely glamorous about this scene.

But none of that matters; not right now. Because this morning, I’m chatting to Mariah Carey.

Octave-spanning singer, pop culture icon, ultimate diva: whatever the words ‘Mariah Carey’ bring to mind, you need hardly to be one of her devoted ‘Lambs’ to know that she is a bona fide legend. Thirty years in the limelight, 19 number one hits, and a colossal voice that can flit from a whistle to a full-chested belt in a matter of seconds have secured the pop star an untouchable legacy. But Carey is nothing if not committed to her craft, and even after all this time, the long-term pop fandom can always rest assured that something new is just around the corner. 

Read the full feature here.

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