“What losing my legs taught me about body neutrality” | Stylist

Kat Hawkins had just embarked on a new beginning at university when a serious illness changed the course of her life. After becoming a double amputee, she grew determined to pursue her passions for journalism and dance, and rediscovered her identity and philosophy on body neutrality in the process, too…

Presenter, filmmaker and writer Kat Hawkins has been bringing underrepresented voices to mainstream media for years as a reporter for the BBC. 

Her interest in creating intersectional work stems from her own life experience: at the age of 18, she fell seriously ill with meningitis and had both legs amputated below the knee. 

Here, Kat discusses her journey to self-acceptance, her experiences of living with a disability, and why the power of body neutrality can help change the narrative around body image for good.

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