There are two sex scenes of a very different nature in the seventh episode of HBO Max’s Sex And The City revival, And Just Like That. If you’ve watched the episode, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about; because while the first is painfully awkward and passionless, the second is everything that you’d hope for from a great TV sex scene: steamy, sensual, and leaving just enough to the imagination without going full-on R-rated.

The link between these two wildly different encounters, of course, is Miranda Hobbes. If you’ve watched the latest instalment, you’ll know that Miranda attempted to revive her sex life with Steve by re-enacting her kitchen dalliance with Che, only for the whole thing to dismally peter out in the midst of takeaway leftovers and talk of lube. Later, she told Carrie in no uncertain terms that the encounter was like two dead people trying to get it on. 

Meanwhile, after receiving no word from Che Diaz (the queer non-binary podcaster and comedian) for an agonising three months, Miranda finally got the chance to speak to her crush when they materialised for an impromptu performance at Charlotte’s PTA charity gala. Although Miranda tried to feign indifference that Che didn’t return her message to “hang out”, Che totally disarms Miranda by telling her that they want to spend the night with her. And just like that, Miranda’s steely resolve evaporates on the spot.

Read the full feature here.

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